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Updated on January 15, 2020 in Bitcoin wallet for android
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So recently I stumbled into this thing where it looked as though payments were incredibly slow to happen… because I didn’t realise that your transaction doesn’t show up until you’ve downloaded the entire blockchain.

If I open up the client, I’m presented with bits of information like “k/hash” and “blocks” and whatnot. There’s a load of new concepts that I need to learn – and I’m a techie, and I find them hard-going. They are absolutely not going to find a lot of traction with any of the civilians I know.

So… not wanting to tread on the toes of the people who are designing the current interface – the bitcoin client is really not up to speed on the User-Experience front.

I’m aware that this software is supposedly in Beta – but it’s doing what? $300M transactions a year? That’s a little too much weight-of-responsibility to maintain the beta-moniker, in my opinion. What this software looks like to me is the user-interfaces that VOIP services used before Skype turned up with something that they’d spent UX TLC on, and wiped the field.

So I was thinking that if we want an uptick in people using BTC, then it might be good to get a company that specialises in UX to do something. Somebody like, who will actually do focus-group testing etc.

Now this ain’t going to come cheap – but if we treat it like a project (or even AS a project) then we could possibly raise a fairly healthy sum. I’d be happy to put $100 into it – as an investment because I think that if we do this, BTC will increase in value.

And I don’t think it would hurt on the marketing front to have someone with experience and expertise in UX to look at the language we’re using to describe this either.

So what do you reckon?

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