What makes us good investors

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Selling or buying investments ?
As a bitcoin trader the hardest decision that we can ever take is , selling our beloved cryptocurrency and this is preety hard because of :-

1. Our emotions
2. Our lack of knowledge
3. Hope !

Well you all can relate to the fact that whenever we are into selling something, we take hasty decisions, generally if the price is falling and we lack patience and even if we are scared that this can go worse in the future we generally sell and then regret moments later when we see it climbing ladder.
Even if the price is going great and its increasing we generally tend to regret if we sell it and the price continues to grow.
This is really hard once our emotions are involved with our investments.
I think that the best thing we can do is separate our emotions with our investments. We should kind of make a pact to never regret any decision that we ever made because in the words of Victoria Holt “never regret, if it was good , its wonderful and if its bad, its experience.”
I think what’s important is taking into account every single detail in the market regarding our investment and at the same time emotionally detaching our minds and making stable decisions and that’s what makes a investor successful.
Also someone has truly said “the investment market takes money from the hasty one and gives it to the patient one”

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