Who is Satoshi Nakamoto

Updated on January 18, 2020 in Cryptocurrency News
2 on January 18, 2020

If that’s even his name. Just read the bitcoin wiki on him and I’m amazed. Nobody knows him.

Long time passed since he last posted in here. Why? “Busy”? I don’t think so. He was active when bitcoin needed support but since the slashdot…
Also, it seems has knowledge in many areas, especially economy. He doesn’t act like the average human. Not taking advantage out of his creation, leaving without telling anything. Is he even a single person or a group?

How can someone create something so great and not stepping out to get the credit?

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1 on January 18, 2020

So, possible scenarios:

1. Satoshi is a group of people. Subscenario 1: Founded by some powerful entity, to create an experiment or destroy banking system. Or make drug trafficking easier.
2. Satoshi is dead. He didn’t really knew that bitcoin might have such success, he died before seeing it growing so much and that’s all.
Subcenario 1: Satoshi was killed because of Bitcoin.
3. Satoshi is affraid of Bitcoin and how it turned up.
4. Satoshi is a person that has no life other than programming (21.000.000% nerd) and he creates things under different identities. Maybe was behind Napster too.
5. Satoshi is ET or AI or GOD or S8TN

on January 18, 2020

Did you really make up these scenarios? 4th scenario sounds like a Fact imo.

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