Why is getting bitcoin as an accepted source of payment important

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That seems to be the general consensus around here at least, is it not? That we need to focus on making bitcoin an accepted form of payment at as many institutions as possible. And ASAP.

Gold is the world standard in terms of holding a value.

But nobody can take their bar of gold to a store and buy a pack of gum.

Most everybody’s gold is held in a vault. You rarely get to touch it. But you don’t have to. You know you can’t take a bar and go buy a car. But you don’t care.

These qualities of gold are quite similar to bitcoin and it’s intangibility.

I think we need to start thinking about catering to a more… swiss-bank-account-holder-type so to speak.

Let the world know that you can securely store your net worth and access it at anytime, for the cost of an average banking transaction fee and I would assume that investment into the bitcoin platform would skyrocket.

Why try to change bitcoin from what it already is? A store of value.

I think it would be a much easier and saner a goal to achieve first (making bitcoin an accepted store of value), before we strain the community too much in trying to tackle an incredibly competitive payments market. I mean… those companies work on margins of fractions of a percent. They have ties with big banks and government, most of whom most likely won’t want to deal with us – at first at least.

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